1. Need to get Deb (and Beatrix) a zebra bikini.

  2. Getting more into swim design. Might want to time my next trip to miami in order to catch swim week. Really like suit is such great op art - love treating the body like a canvas for negative space. Ha.

  3. roberto cavalli being him. Luv the lighting. Brown background is not my favorite. The necklace is making me happy though.

  4. This image is called lace5

  5. This image is called lace3

  6. This image is called lace4

  7. milla (7 of 7)

  8. Nope, not Coco or Arizona. Still Milla.

  9. milla (5 of 7)

  10. Milla (4 of 7)

  11. milla (3 of 7)

  12. Milla (2 of 7)

  13. I know what you are thinking. No, this isn’t my wife Deborah. It’s Milla Jovovich!

  14. Cosmo cracks me up. But I gotta admit, those are awesome shoes.

  15. Mullet dress. ha.